Thursday, July 5, 2012

Return To The Bouncing Birthday

10 days after Sam's 2nd birthday my cousin's daughter also turned 2, so a few days later we headed out to celebrate her birthday!  The party was at the same place as last year, which we were thrilled about!  And even better, this year Luke was able to come along with his mommy and daddy, and Dave was able to make it, too!!!  The boys love bounce houses and slides, and it's like this place was made for us!  Plus we got to hang out with some of our other cousins, too!

Jack wanted me to take a movie of him sliding down the slide, so I did... then I mentioned to him that he looked like an Angry Bird flying to get the piggies because of his shirt, and so he wanted me to take a movie of him flapping his wings as he slid down- he was so funny!

We had so much fun in the bouncy basketball court!  Uncle Scott kept bombing the boys and they thought it was hilarious!  Sam wasn't quite sure how to get him back, so he just kept giving the balls to him- he probably thought that if he helped Uncle Scott then he would be safe!  He sure had fun with grandpa, though!  Jack also tried to bomb Uncle Scott, but he hasn't figured out ho to throw with force... or aim... yet.  Here are some videos of us having fun in there!

After that it was time for pizza and cake!  We had such a fun time celebrating our sweet cousin Bella!


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  1. What a fun day! Poor Sam looks so scared when he is going down the slide. lol
    love, grandma