Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mothers' Day

Mother's Day was really hard for me this year.  Our loss was still fresh on my mind and in my heart and it also happened to fall on the one month anniversary of my surgery, when I had to say goodbye to my baby for good.  Dave and I wanted to keep the day full and busy to make it easier on me, so my personal chef, Dave, made lunch and we had everyone come over to our house after church!  The boys adore going to grandma's, but it was really a treat for them to have everyone over to our house and they had so much fun!

They played Star Wars -complete with a ceremony to Knight our little Jedi- and had some epic battles with Uncle Travis and grandpa!  My dad also brought box full of balls and we all had a fun war throwing those balls at each other.  Luke found his favorite thing to play with at Auntie Becca's house- the electronic ABC book that was Jack's when he was a baby, and Jack showed off his fence climbing skills and learned how to flip over the giant ball and insisted I take a movie of it.  Of course, the boys ended the day by playing with Uncle Travis' iPhone... big surprise!
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  1. Such a fun day!I have the best family ever!
    Love, grandma