Sunday, July 8, 2012

Running For Mozambique

This June, Dave was blessed to be able to join a team from our church for a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa.  (For more information about this particular mission/organization, go here)  He was really excited to be able to have this opportunity, as this was something that had been weighing on his heart for the last year and a half!  First things first, though- fundraising for the mission!  The team had decided on organizing a 5K "Fun Run" as the main fundraiser for their mission, and the boys and I were excited to get to participate and support Dave's mission.  My parents participated as well as some other friends- we were so blessed to have their support!  The run was held at one of our favorite places, the South Coast Botanical Garden!


After the run the kids took the opportunity to run around the beautiful grounds and check out the flowers near the course.

And last but not least, a group shot of the Global Missions team from church- the masterminds behind the 5K event!
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  1. This was a great event! Thanks for including us.
    Love, grandma