Saturday, July 21, 2012

Return Of The Parade!

One of our favorite events in May has, for the last few years, been the Armed Forces Day parade!  The boys love it, and I enjoy it as well!  I think one of the reasons that we love it so much, though, is that on the day before the parade they have the exhibits on display for the kids to climb on and get to experience up close and personal!  We love this part, and I think it makes the parade that much more personal and exciting when you have the memories of what it's like to sit in each machine that parades by.  So of course, even though we had an extremely busy few days that weekend, we took a couple small breaks to have fun at the display and the parade!


Ready for the parade!  We ate our lunch while we waited for it to start, and to celebrate Armed Forces Day, we had patriotic oreos for dessert!  Once again their favorite parts of the parade were the marching bands- my kids love music and instruments- and they had so much fun waving their flags!


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  1. So cute! The boys were REALLY into everything this year. I loved it!
    Love, grandma