Friday, July 20, 2012

California Adventure

We had gotten 3-day passes to Disneyland for Sam and Jack's birthdays, so we still had one day left to use before mid-June when they expired.  The time sort of got away from us, though, and in mid-May we realized that there were no days that we were all completely free and could use the pass!  Soooo Dave and I decided that Jack could miss one day of school and we all piled in my mom's van and headed off to California Adventure!  Jack hadn't been there since he was 8 or 9 months old, and Sam and Luke had never been there so I was excited to watch them experience that park for the first time.
We had a great day!  Since it is a smaller park (Cars Land hadn't opened yet) we were able to go on every ride that was open, and some even twice!  Plus, we also got to watch the World of Color, which I had never seen and Dave had only been able to catch glimpses of while he was on duty- he had been  talking about how it looked cool and he wanted to watch the whole thing so I was glad that he was able to watch it in its entirety!

On the tram

The Sloooowest Bumper Cars In The World... despite their lack of speed and danger, Sam was too small for them, which he was really disappointed about

The Ladybug Boogie almost make me sick- if they spun like the teacups they definitely would, but luckily they made them stationary.  As it is I find it confusing when they switch tracks, so if they had added spinning to it they would have been worse than the teacups!  I think Sam agreed with me... he enjoyed the teacups last time, but he seemed as confused as I was on the lady bug ride.  It was confusing, but it sure was fun!

Flik's Flyers

Jumpin' Jellyfish
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Silly Symphony Swings

King Triton's Carousel

We had so much fun at the Redwood Creek Challenge trail!  Mom, Luke, Sam and I climbed up high to get to a good vantage point to watch Jack Jack do the zipline- then we all climbed around on the rope bridges before finding the tunnels and slides.  Jack was so excited to get to do the rock wall course, too!  

Dave and I were so excited for the Toy Story ride... almost more excited than the boys were!  I was really surprised at how well Sam did, too!  He wore his glasses like a pro and was very into shooting the targets... he got a pretty good score for a two-year-old!

We had such a great day, and we had a great spot for watching the World of Color that night, too!  Luke fell asleep and missed all but the first 5 minutes- Sam was up on my shoulders when I felt his body jerk like he was fighting to stay awake so I took him down and he fell asleep right when all the fire for Pirates of the Caribbean was happening... only Jack made it through the whole thing wide awake!  It was a cool show, and a great way to end the day.  We had a great time using our 3 days of passes, but it definitely solidified the fact that we are not Disney pass people- for us, Disney is an all day treat kind of thing and I am so glad that I didn't cave and get us passes!  As much as I love Disney, this is the way we like to do it :) 

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  1. This was such a fun day! Thanks for letting me come and spend the three days with you. And thank you, Amy for letting us take Luke. He had a blast and enjoyed everything!