Friday, June 24, 2011

My Babies

Jackson, busting out of his brand new jammies at 8 months old
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Samuel, finally busting out of the same set of jammies at 16 months old
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Amazing the size differences in these two!  It's so funny, since Jack was absolutely massive, Sam seems so small to us even though he's actually slightly above average for his age.  It is so nice to have a small normal baby for a change ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

We Went For The Airplanes And Stayed For The Science

My mom and I had been planning on taking the boys to the Air And Space Museum at the California Science Center for a few weeks.  Finally last week I called her and said that we desperately needed to get out of the house, so we headed to the museum!  We were so excited, since Jack had loved it the last time we went, and it had been a while (Jack was a little younger than Luke the last time)!
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As excited as we were, you can imagine our surprise when we got there and discovered that they were tearing down the exhibits and we had made it on the very last day that they were open to the public!  Apparently they were moving to a larger building... but hadn't felt the need to announce the move on their website!  So, while it was really lame that we couldn't see many of the fun exhibits that were there the last time, we were so relieved that we hadn't come even one day later!  And, though most the exhibits were torn down already, there were still a bunch there including the two that I was most looking forward to were still there: the Police Helicopter and the paper plastic airplane launcher!

(They are standing under a jetliner in that last one... those poles are the support, as the landing gear is not down. Not sure if you could see the tail above them.)

It didn't take long to see everything in that museum, so when we were done we had a picnic lunch...
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And then we headed to the main museum at the science center.  That place was so much fun!  There was so much to explore and it was so much fun to watch Jack and the boys learn and discover and explore!

The kid's center

Learning about construction with sticks.  Guess what Jack made.

These two exhibits were so cool- the boys loved them!
And then we found the Eco-System exhibit and spent the rest of the day there!  We were so impressed with it- it was new since the last time we had been there and I still have a hard time believing that an exhibit as cool as that would be free!  The whole time we were there I kept marveling at that and wishing my dad were there because I know he would have loved it!




There was so much more to this exhibit, and if you ever have the chance to head over to the California Science Center, you totally should!  Did I mention it's free?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Dorks Dudes!

When Jack was a baby he'd dance around in a circle singing "Cool, Dude! Cool, Dude!" whenever he had sunglasses on.  Sam does the same thing.  It's stinkin' adorable.
Jack, of course, needs to take his turn with the glasses too!

By the way, my kids are probably the only kids who think it's necessary to wear sunglasses when the sky looks like this:
(They must have learned that from their mother)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dough, Dough, And More Dough!

We recently went to a birthday party for one of Jack's friends, and as a game prize Jack won some Moon Dough!  He was so excited about it, and this week we finally had time to play with it!  Of course I set him up outside (moon dough is messy!), and he and Sam got to work!  They had a great time and Sam only thought about eating the dough once- but that was really my fault as I forgot to tell him not to! 
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The Moon Dough really prompted Jack to want to play with the huge box of Play-Doh and (used) Play-Doh tools that we got them for Christmas, and the next day we busted it out!  The first day, Jack sat out there for two straight hours playing peacefully with the Play-Doh, and we have played every day since!  It's so messy, though, that my new(ish) back patio is splotched with colorful bits of crushed 'Doh!  Messy, but pretty!