Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dough, Dough, And More Dough!

We recently went to a birthday party for one of Jack's friends, and as a game prize Jack won some Moon Dough!  He was so excited about it, and this week we finally had time to play with it!  Of course I set him up outside (moon dough is messy!), and he and Sam got to work!  They had a great time and Sam only thought about eating the dough once- but that was really my fault as I forgot to tell him not to! 
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The Moon Dough really prompted Jack to want to play with the huge box of Play-Doh and (used) Play-Doh tools that we got them for Christmas, and the next day we busted it out!  The first day, Jack sat out there for two straight hours playing peacefully with the Play-Doh, and we have played every day since!  It's so messy, though, that my new(ish) back patio is splotched with colorful bits of crushed 'Doh!  Messy, but pretty!

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  1. The boys are so photogenic.