Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fried Kool-Aid

We surprised the boys with a trip to the Orange County Fair, and once Jack figured out where we were going he was so excited!  We made it there right at lunch time, and as the theme of the fair this year was Let's Eat! there was no shortage of choices!  Lunch trucks are a huge "thing" in LA/OC, and they had a special area for the lunch trucks as well as a schedule of which trucks would be there on which days... Dave and I were pretty excited to get to check out the trucks!
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But the boys were perfectly content with their hot dogs ;) 

I made sure the boys were set and then I told Dave that I'd be right back... Duff was the special guest that day and I didn't want to miss him!  He was freaking hilarious and was really interesting to listen to... there were a ton of people in there and he was so gracious and answered a million questions and it made me want to visit Charm City West and buy a cake just because I liked him so much (well, that and his cakes are pretty amazing!). 

After lunch and Duff, we decided to check out the animals... on our way there, though, we found the display of giant bugs!  Jack was fascinated, and Dave was afraid (in a very manly way, of course) of the enormous tarantula, so of course I decided that we just had to go in there!
(I had on my close lens and there wasn't much space in there so this was all I could get of the tarantula)

After the animals, we made our way to the pig pens.  We walked in, Dave was overwhelmed by the odor, and we walked back out.  But not before I was able to snap one photo.

Then we headed over to the rides!  We ended up buying Jack an "unlimited ticket" bracelet and a card with about 40 tickets to split between Dave, Sam and I.  There weren't many rides that Sam was big enough for (and he was content to watch), and there were a few rides that Jack needed an adult to ride with him, so we ended up with the perfect amount of tickets!  Jack had so much fun and it was fun for me to watch Dave watch him, since Dave doesn't get to watch him on rides when we go to Knott's Berry Farm.  

This slide was so tall and fast, and Dave and I warned him that it might be a little more than he expected, but he insisted that he wanted to ride it so up he went.  He ended up loving it even though it did end up to be much faster than he anticipated... his face at the last bit says it all!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 
 Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This thing had make-Bec-puke written all over it, so of course Dave was the one to take Jack on it.  Not like I had a choice, though, since Jack insisted that daddy take him instead of mommy!
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Then Dave got a beer...

... and it was back to riding rides!

After rides we went into the display hall... Jack saw this huge camera and got so excited!  He told me to stand in front so that he could take my picture, and then I told him to let me take a picture of him taking a picture of me.  He didn't like that though, and said "Mom, my camera is bigger than yours so you have to let me take a picture first!"

Then it was time to try some fried food!  Last time we were at the fair we got fried oreos.  This time? Fried Kool-Aid!  We were a little leery at first, but it definitely tastes way better than it sounds!  I recommend!!!

We were on our way out when we realized that we forgot to go see the other animals!  Since Sam loves animals, I definitely wanted to go there!  The boys loved it, so I was really glad that we did!
Such a fun day at the fair!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Those Rockstar Babies Of Mine

My kids love music.  Like, they seriously love music.
Some examples:
Exhibit A: The Baseball-Bat-Turned-Flute
Exhibit B: The Future Composer, and Naptime Symphony Conducting
Exhibit C: Sam, The Ukulele King.

He is very passionate about his music, isn't he?  He and Dave have a lot of fun singing and playing their ukuleles together, and it is the cutest thing to see!