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Our 2011 Summer Vacation- Part Six!

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On our last full day of vacation we decided to skip the lake.  I remembered how much fun we had the summer before when my dad and I took the boys to Las Vegas for my cousin's baby shower.  Jack had such a fun time, and I wanted to do it again now that Dave was with us!  I knew that I wanted to end up on the tram like we had done before, but I wasn't sure what else I wanted to do and I didn't really wanted to spend an arm and a leg for it, so I googled free things to do in Las Vegas.  One of the first things to come up was the aquarium in the Silverton (at least, I think it was called the Silverton!).  So we loaded up the boys and drove to the Silverton and walked through the entire casino before we found their "aquarium".  For the record, according to Webster, an aquarium can be defined as a container in which living aquatic animals or plants are kept... so, I guess technically one single tank is an aquarium.  Fortunately, we knew it was free and so we weren't expecting much... plus we were able to walk the whole way around the circular tank, so it felt like more than one tank and the boys were entertained.
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In the end, it didn't really matter that the aquarium was so small, because right next to the tank was the coolest store ever!  The Bass Pro Shop!  Okay, I know this makes us sound like a really dorky bunch, but seriously, have you ever been there?  That place is cool!!!  For example, this is what the entrance to the store looks like: 
(taken from my mom's camera)
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And they had tanks of giant sport fish in the store, as well as a ton of stuffed animals!  Here are Jack and me being scared by a lion:
(also from my mom's camera)

We spent more time in that store than we did at the fish tank aquarium, that's for sure!  After that we ate lunch and then made our way to the strip, where we revisited the tram system that runs between the hotels!  Jack and Sam were so excited about it and we rode it six times!
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After the train we made our way back to our hotel.  I had promised the boys the day before that they could swim in the man-made beach-pool, so we put our swimsuits on and headed down there!  Jack and grandpa had a blast playing in there and Sam alternated between having a blast playing in the sand with grandma and having a blast cuddling with mommy... he was beat from all the adventures we'd been having!

(from my mom's camera... I love this picture!)
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Once we were done swimming we raced back to the hotel to get dressed so that we could meet up with some family for dinner.  The last time we were in Vegas we were there for a baby shower for baby Hudson, and we were going to get to meet him this time!  We we so excited!  He is sooo cute, and it was great to see my aunt, uncle and cousins again!  After dinner we went on another walk through the village with them, and Jack had a lot of fun telling them about the village and showing off for them.  This time, though, he really did fall in the fountain.  It was pretty funny ;) 

Hudson and Samuel
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The boys checking out the fountain (Jack was the only one who fell in)

Don't you just love his eyes?
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Checking out the misters.  He's loved those since he was a baby!

And my favorite picture of the entire vacation:

So, overall we had a great vacation!  We weren't a fan of the lake itself, but we loved the village of Lake Las Vegas!  And, despite the abundance of disasters that occurred the first day and trickled over into the rest of the vacation, we had a good time and the boys had a blast!  A blast that continued when we got home, too!  Jack is at the age now where he wants to help, and he's actually quite helpful!  Thus, our obligatory end-of-vacation-cleanup photo:
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  1. Such a GREAT vacation! Thanks!
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