Saturday, April 25, 2009

Music, Music Everywhere!

At Jack's birthday party I was very impressed by how well Jack's friend Dylan, who is three weeks younger than Jack, swung the 'bat' at the pinata! I mentioned this to Dylan's mommy and she told me that he has a tee-ball set that he plays with all the time, and so he's used to swinging bats around. I immediately made up my mind to pick up a tee-ball set for Jack Jack as soon as I got the chance. Jack got some money for his birthday, so last week I took him to Toys R Us to pick out a few toys, including a tee-ball set! Today the weather was perfect for tee-ball, so Jack and I went outside to play!

I figured that it would take a little while for Jack to get the hang of it. Jack is a creative sort, and doesn't seem to be interested in the 'right' way to play with sporting equipment- he prefers to make up his own rules. Soccer balls stay as far from the goal as possible with him, and basketball hoops are either for putting his arm through all the way up to his shoulder or balancing too-big-to-fit-in-the-hoop balls on the rim and hitting them off with his light saber (it may be argued that this last action mirrors the game of golf, but golf isn't a sport so it doesn't count- plus he has no interest whatsoever in his actual golf set). So, I was pleased to find that Jack seemed to really enjoy playing tee-ball the right way!

He'd put the ball on the tee,

and he'd take the bat, audibly remind himself to "use two hands", and swing away!

Didn't matter that he didn't seem to be able to aim very well, he still thought it was hilarious when he knocked the ball off the tee... even if it ended up going backwards.

So, I settled in to watch him play, cheer him on and take millions of pictures (would you expect anything else?). I was surprised that he was so into this!

And then he started behaving more like I expected.

Suddenly, he stopped swinging the bat, and held it up to his mouth and started humming on it. Can you guess what he told me when I asked him what he was doing?

"It a FLUTE!"

Yup! That's my kid! He reminds me so much of his Uncle Travis: always seeing and hearing music wherever he goes. I won't be surprised if he starts tapping random things with pens just to hear if the note it makes is a C sharp or a B flat! Maybe he'll become a composer, as well!

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