Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Tag, I'm It!

So, I'm sitting here, in my pajamas, about to go to bed, and I decide to catch up on my blog-reading. I love reading blogs. So, I'm sitting here fully enjoying myself, reading about how Stellan is home (praise the Lord!!!), and then I get to Jen's blog, and her post about being tagged. Apparently, Jen's friend tagged Jen on her blog, and Jen had to drop what she was doing and take a picture of herself immediately upon reading it, without fixing her hair or her makeup or getting herself all cute, and then post it on her own blog. Fortunately for Jen, she is always cute, so she didn't need to stress about it. I really was enjoying reading her post! That is, I was enjoying it until she got to the part about tagging ME!!! Gee, thanks Jen! :P So yeah, as I was saying I was sitting here in my jammies, just about to head off to bed when I discovered that I, now, had to immediately grab my camera and post a picture of ME on MY blog! No time for makeup (but I never wear makeup anyway so that would be weird if I put it on just for this picture, right? It's against the rules, anyway)!

So, I sucked it up and took the pictures.

Unfortunately for me, my 50mm happened to be on my camera. My other lenses are inaccessible at the moment, otherwise I totally would have switched for one that wouldn't' have given quite an extreme closeup! My freckles really would have appreciated that. (Did you know that even my lips have freckles on them? Yeah, I didn't either... until I saw these pictures.) By the way, it is seriously HARD to take a picture of yourself with a 50mm lens when you have short arms like mine! Frame after frame all I managed to do was capture a blurry shot of part of my face, which was contorted in a look of intense concentration as I tried to get the shot without dropping my camera! After about 25-50 frames I finally found two that were moderately acceptable. I still couldn't fit my face in the frame, but at least they're more or less in focus! And I didn't drop my camera!

I promise that is not my "trying to look sexy when I don't smile as though I'm a teenage girl taking my myspace photo" face, nor is it my "Tyra Banks: smile with your eyes" face. It's my "I've just shot nearly 50 frames of myself and I'm so over this, can I please just get one shot that works!!!" face.

I know you're looking for my lip- freckles, but hey, the rules didn't say anything about photoshop, right? ;)

And now, it's my turn to tag people! So, since I have only 5 followers, I'm tagging all of you!

It's YOUR turn now!!! Stop, grab your camera, take your picture, and POST it on your blog!!! And I read your blog so I'll know if you do it!

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  1. You are gorgeous! These pictures are amazing! BTW...I edited my pictures too... tee hee. I was as red as a strawberry in mine, so I made them black and white and messed with the color :p