Monday, April 20, 2009

Stellan's Heart Surgery

Less than a month ago I posted about little 5 month old Stellan, who had been hospitalized for SVT (a dangerously high heart-rate, in short). A lot has happened since then, but not a lot has changed in his status. Stellan has been in the hospital this whole time, and just last week he was flown to Boston to be under the care of a new cardiologist, as it became evident that Stellan's stubborn heart would very likely need to have a never-been-performed-on-a-baby-so-young-and-never-performed-on-babies-in-general heart surgery, called an ablation. As part of the plan, they began to wean Stellan off of the medication he was on (he has to be completely off the medication for the surgery). Poor Stellan had so much medication in his system that it was making his tummy so sick! As they weaned him off the medication, his tummy started to feel much better, but his heart is once again getting stuck in very stubborn bouts of SVT. His surgery was scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning, but with the most recent rhythms Stellan's heart is producing, they maybe even start his surgery tonight. Please be praying for Stellan and his family! His mom has posted a list of prayer requests on her blog, and you can check there for more information by clicking this button:

Prayers for Stellan

Oh, and check out the reception Stellan got in Boston! That little boy is so loved!

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