Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yellow Or Blue? Make Up Your Mind!

Today I decided to let Jack dye some Easter Eggs! Since Dave had his saw and other dangerous tools set up in the backyard, I put my small white table in the front yard for our project. I called my mom and dad and hopped next door to grab Grammy and Lucy and the bunch of us stood around and watched Jack dye eggs. He was so funny! He put all the eggs in right away, and then he started taking them out and putting them back and mixing up the colors. He was talking nonstop about what colors we were using and kept saying "What your favorite color? BLUE?! My favorite color is BLUE!!!" Although, up until today I was sure that his favorite color was yellow, just like his mommy! He wasn't sure about the mess, though. At first he kept saying "Ew! It make a mess!" but after a while he got caught up in the excitement and forgot about the messiness. He kept saying "I dyed it!"

Our conversation tonight as I was putting him to bed:
Me: Did you have a fun day today? Do you remember what we did?
Jack: Grandma! And Lucy! We dye eggs!
Me: That's right! We dyed eggs and grandma and Lucy were there, too! Who else was there?
Jack: Um, Papa! Aaaand Grammy! Aaaaand Mama!
Me: That's right! Papa and grammy and mommy were all there, too!
Jack: We dye eggs! My favorite BLUE!
Me: What's mommy's favorite color?
Jack: Momma Yellow! Gramma purple!
Jack: I ayergic (allergic). Daddy eat eggs, I no eat eggs.

In other news, Dave finally let me take a picture of his face! It's looking better already!

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