Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visiting A B-17

On Easter weekend, the EAA brought their B-17 to our Airport as part of their tour, and we definitely didn't want to miss that opportunity! Jack is obsessed with aircrafts, and we knew he'd absolutely love it, so Jack and I picked up my parents and my brother and made our way over to see it. It was awesome! Jack thought the big airplane was so cool! I had the wrong lens on my camera (didn't even think about it!), so I couldn't get any pictures of the inside of the plane, but it was really neat to see, and Jack thought it was cool to sit in the seats and look out the windows!

Jack's favorite part of seeing the B-17, though, was the helicopters that were 'testing' right next to it! They were doing all sorts of maneuvers, and I know Jack Jack would have run right over there and jumped in one if we would have let him! One of the pilots noticed how intently Jack was watching them, and he was showing off for Jack. He even turned and wiggled the helicopter as though the big machine were waving at him! We all thought that was pretty cool!

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