Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dave's Mini-Me

Jack is little blonde-haired-blue-eyed mini version of Dave. He looks just like him (aside from the coloring), he has so many of the same mannerisms, and he even has his personality! There is a lot of me in him, too, but mostly he is his daddy's son. He's quiet and a little bit shy around people he doesn't see all the time, but when he's in his comfort zone you can't get him to shut up! He is a serious person, but he loves to laugh and joke and be silly. He even makes sarcastic comments, just like his father, the king of sarcasm!

This list doesn't even begin to scratch the surface!

1. Love Of Sarcasm
Exhibit A:
While driving in the car:
Jack: Ooooh a W!
Me: Yes, that is a W! Good job! That stands for Weinerschnitzel. Can you say "Weinerschnitzel?"
Jack: Sure!
(yup, I can say it. What? you didn't ask me to say it, you just asked if I could say it!)

Exhibit B:
While learning shapes:
Me: Can you say "Quadrilateral"?
Jack: Probably!

(he's not even 2 yet, can you imagine what I have to look forward to when he is a teenager?!)

2. Joy In Teasing
Exhibit A:
Aunt Sandra. Jack loves 'Nana'. He gets excited to see her, but the second she sees him he puts his head on my shoulder and pretends to be shy. He won't give her kisses, but he's smiling his daddy's little I'm-trying-not-to-smile smile, and as soon as she stops trying, he puts his head up like he's going to give her a kiss, and then puts hit back down when she tries to get that kiss. When she's not paying attention to him, he goes up to her and tried to get her attention, and then when he has it he once again teases her by once again pretending to be shy. When I show him her picture and ask who it is, he smiles that little smile, puts his head on my shoulder and giggles "It's Nana!"

Exhibit B:
Jack: (singing) I toooooted! I toooooted! I toooooted!
Me: Jack! You're so silly! Did you really toot or are you just teasing me?
Jack: (giggles) I tease you!

3. Rugged Good Looks
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Seriously, need I say more? ;)

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