Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He Is Risen!

He is risen, indeed!

We had such fun celebrating Easter this year! One of the awesome things we do to celebrate Easter is attending the sunrise service... at 10:00! Yes, that's right... the sunrise service starts at 10:00! We meet at the house of one of the families from church and we worship on their front lawn. Their house sit on top of a cliff on the ocean, and the view is amazing! It's definitely the way to go as far as Easter services are concerned- what better way to worship God than to bask in the beauty of His creation, especially on the day that we are celebrating Christ's resurrection?! So after breakfast we made our way over to the service, making a disappointing while-we're-in-the-area stop at the hardware store, which was closed, and ended up being early. So we decided to go on a little walk before worship began

When church began, Jack wanted to see the guitars, so I took him to the back and let him watch the worship band through the opening in the aisle. He was enthralled until the B-17 (more on that in a later post) flew overhead and he started talking about it quite loudly. Luckily the worship band was still playing, so I'm not sure many people heard him. However, and I had to smile at this despite being embarrassed, as soon as the worship band ended their final song, Jack told me, again quite loudly, "I like that song!" As the heads began to turn towards me, I headed back to our seat! To my relief, though, Scott stood up and announced that there was a children's program on the tennis court, so I hightailed it out of there! I'm pretending that he wasn't directing his comment specifically to me, though! Actually, he probably definitely wasn't. Right?

So, I took Jack up to the tennis court for the children's program, was thrilled to see that Kathy was up there, and headed back to the service. I was just starting to wonder how Jack was doing when I was tapped on the shoulder and informed that Jack was crying pretty hard for me! Apparently he was perfectly fine until Kathy had to step out, and then he missed her! So, I popped back out of the service and back up to Jack Jack. It only took a little bit of rocking, snuggling, and only 3 songs to calm him down, and then a helicopter flew overhead and he was perfectly fine- he got down and started playing ball with his friend Sofie. When I heard the worship band start back up I decided that it would be okay to bring Jack back down to the service, since I knew he'd love to see the worship band and the guitars again. This time when he told me how much he liked the song, though, it wasn't quite as loud so no one looked (that I saw!).

After church we headed home to hunt for our Easter baskets and Easter eggs! Jack picked up the first egg and immediately opened it up to find the toy car that was inside! He had a lot of fun searching for the eggs, and he was too excited to listen to our directions about putting the eggs in his basket until after he had found and opened up all the eggs!

After the egg hunt, Dave decided that our grass needed a little bit more water and he grabbed the hose. This, however, proved to be too much temptation for my boys, and they spent some time playing in the water!

After that, we headed over to my Aunt Sandra's house for some good eats and fun family time. I'm pretty sure Jack's favorite part of the entire day, was having Sandra's undivided attention as she helped him clean out her M&M dispenser! He was so excited as the M&Ms came down the shoot that he was shaking! The novelty never wore off, either- he had the same reaction every time! He was a good boy, though, and shared the M&Ms with everyone else when they came down.

Jack was a little confused during the egg hunt at Sandra's, though! We hunt for real eggs at Sandra's house, but Jack kept trying to open them up like he did with the plastic eggs that morning! Every single egg he picked up had holes the size of Jack's thumbs cracked into the sides!

I love Easter, not just because of the fun, food, and family but because of the reason that we are celebrating on this day. Christ's victory over death and the devil!

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