Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Coolest Trip To The Firestation EVER!

In May we we so excited to have the opportunity to watch daddy in action at work!  The city was having a fire demonstration, and the boys and I couldn't wait to go watch daddy do his fireman thing.

Of course the first thing we did when we got there was run to daddy and give him hugs and kisses!
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Then we went and checked out the booths while daddy got into his turnouts to get ready for the demonstrations

The first demonstration was firemen repelling down the side of the tower.  Apparently I didn't think it was picture worthy since Dave wasn't a part of that one, so I have no photos of that one.  The next one, though, Dave was front and center as the paramedic on this mock car accident:

Next up we got to watch Dave put out a fire!  This demonstration was intended to show us how quickly a fire spreads, so the firemen let it get really big (and hot- we could feel the heat off of this one big time!) before Dave turned the hose on it. 

Thanks to my mom I also have a video of him putting out this fire.

After that demonstration, Dave had a short break while they set up for the next demonstration so he took the opportunity to high five the kids that were attending and take pictures with them- I thought it was so cute and I was proud that they wanted a high five and a picture of MY fireman!

The next demonstration involved the fire engine hooking up to the hydrant and the truck lifting a crew up to vent the roof... this was the part of the demonstration where the wife needs to put her fingers in her ears and shut her eyes and ignore the danger until its all over.  It's just easier that way.

The boys had a lot of fun playing in the water that came out of the hose when daddy rolled it up

Just a few more from my mom's camera... Jack took this one- I thought it was a pretty cool picture!
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A quick family pic before the demonstration started:
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Sam did not want to leave his daddy behind when it was time to go!  He cried crocodile tears and kept saying "I miss daddy!"  You and me both, kid!

It was definitely an impressive day, as evidenced by Jack new answer to the questions "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  Previously he would always answer "A Train Driver" but now he answers "I want to be a fireman just like my daddy!"  Melt.My.Heart.


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  1. Dave looks so happy in his element! It was a great day and I feel very safe having him around. You are a beautiful family and glad you all are part of mine!
    Love, grandma