Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aaaaaaaand Christmas!

I was so excited for Christmas this year! I mean, I'm usually really excited for Christmas, but I knew that this year, Jack would actually get it! Plus, it was Luke's first Christmas, too! I think that the thing that I was most excited about, though, was that Dave ended up being able to trade shifts with friend so that he could have Christmas Day off of work! What a generous blessing that was!

Before we put Jack Jack to bed on Christmas Eve, we let him open one present (pajamas... that's our Christmas tradition), and then he helped me set out milk (okay, since I don't drink milk and I doubt Santa wanted Jack's rice milk we actually set out some apple juice!) and the cookies we had made so that Santa could have a snack break. He doesn't work very hard at our house, as he doesn't leave big presents and really only fills our stockings (with practical items- he knows that if there are going to be fun presents, I want to be the one to give them!), but that still deserves some yummy cookies as a reward!

When Jack woke up the next morning, he seemed slightly confused as to why I didn't just take him back to my bed to watch his morning cartoons while I struggled to wake myself up completely, which is what usually happens in the morning.

Sorry it's so dark- it's bright enough on my monitor because I'm calibrated, but I know not all of you are going to be able to see much detail...

Dave and I were cracking up at Jack Jack as he opened his gifts. He was thrilled to find out what was in each package, and we loved how he described everything as "_____ stuff!" If it was a helicopter it was "Helicopter stuff!" If it was a Cars-themed gift then it was "Cars stuff!" Of course, after each gift was opened he'd stare at it with reverence and ask us "Can we open it, please???"

I only took one picture that morning, and of course, it was of Jack. I didn't want to take a picture of Dave with his gifts, since he returns or just plain doesn't use anything that I get him, and I certainly didn't want a picture of myself! And Jack was way too occupied with his new toys for me to get anything other than this:

Okay, I'm going to interrupt my play-by-play to make a Big Freaking Deal over my husband. For Christmas two years ago, he bought me my Canon Rebel because in passing I had expressed a desire to learn how to take better photos. It was incredibly generous (and insightful!) of him, and I spent the next two years obsessing over learning the camera, investing in more photo equipment, and just generally soaking up anything even remotely photography related. I adore that camera, and I adore my husband (and not just because he bought it for me!). After a while, though, I felt like I was being limited by that camera's capabilities. I won't go into a lot of explanation here, but while the Rebel is a fantastic little camera, it does have its limitations. This fall I mentioned to Dave that I thought it was time to invest in a better camera, and I showed him the ones I was thinking about. His response?
Dave: I'm not buying you a new camera.
Me: That's okay, I didn't expect you to, I just thought it was worth a shot.
Dave: Yeah right. You totally expect that I'm going to get you that camera for Christmas because you think I always get you what you want.
Me: No, really! I know it's expensive, and I know that we have had a lot of expenses, both expected and unexpected, this year. I thought I'd mention it.
Dave: I'm not buying you a new camera.
So, I decided that instead of asking for the camera, I'd ask for money towards my camera... both for Christmas and my birthday (which is December 29th), and then I'd sell some things that I had been meaning to get rid of in order to try to come up with the rest of the money. Dave told me that he wanted me to actually ask for a thing because he wanted to actually have a gift for me on Christmas. So, after realizing that my computer needed to be wiped (something I had been putting off for a long time because I hadn't yet purchased my own copy of photoshop- I had borrowed it from a friend and if my computer were to be wiped, I'd lose the program altogether... I need photoshop!), I told Dave that he could buy me a new photoshop program.
So, fast-forward to Christmas morning... I had expected to either not get any gifts (aside from what I Santa had wrapped and shoved in my stocking at the last minute), or to have Dave tell me that I could order photoshop (about 3/4 of the time Dave does his own shopping and surprises me, but if it's something that I specifically ask for that he either doesn't have time to research and feel qualified to purchase on his own, then I usually order my own gifts after he tells me what he wants me to buy for myself). Imagine my surprise, then, when Dave turns to me and asks "So, do you want your present, now?" I hope his feelings weren't hurt when I looked at him, shocked, and said "Oh, I get a present?" And I did! Okay, I suppose technically I got an IOU, as he handed me an envelope with a printout from an eBay auction that he had won the day before... but I was so thrilled with the gift that I didn't care that I didn't actually have it in my hands!!! He got me the camera that I wanted!!! Of all the possible things I imagined he might have gotten me, that was the one I least expected!!! So, I am the proud new owner of Canon's brand new 7D!!! Sooooo exciting!!! The camera wasn't going to be delivered until the next week, but just knowing that my husband had done that for me was so incredible!!!

Okay, back to my play-by-play of Christmas...

After having Christmas morning with just the three, well, four of us, we spent the next few hours playing with Jack's toys. Then we loaded my truck with more gifts and headed over to my parents' house for more Christmas morning fun! Jack and Luke were spoiled like crazy and we all had a great time watching Jack open a ton more presents and watching a 4 month old Luke watch his mom and dad open a ton of presents for him. I didn't take any pictures over there, either, believe it or not, until right before we left.

Jack loved pretty much all of his gifts, but the lawnmower from Auntie Mimi and Uncle Scott was the biggest hit of all!

Okay, this is going to have to be a To Be Continued post because apparently I have really bad eBay luck and need to take care of a few things... I'll be back!

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