Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas, Continued...

After spending the morning at my mom's house, we all headed over to my Aunt Sandra's house for more Christmas fun! After eating a bunch of yummy food, we all settled in the living room to await Santa's arrival!

Santa's arrival is always one of the most anticipated parts of our Christmas celebration. When all my cousins and I were little, we really looked forward to when Santa would show up, as he always had something in his bag for each of us. As we got older it still remained an anticipated event, but mostly because it was really fun to see the older boys and uncles try to sit comfortably on Santa's lap... without squishing him! In the recent years it has become even more anticipated, as each year we have more and more young children to share the joy with... we cousins are reproducing almost as rapidly as our parents did! It is always fun to see the kids' reactions when Santa walks in the door, and this year was no exception, as Jack provided a lot of entertainment for us all!
He was in complete awe when he saw Santa come in. He kept telling us "Look, it's Santa! Santa is here! Oh my word, it's Santa! HI SANTA!"

He was so excited, that he could not stand still! (Pardon my aunties yelling "Rebecca and Dave!" at the end... Santa had just called our names to come get our present and they wanted to make sure everyone had heard him!)

He was trying so hard to get Santa's attention and he was so thrilled when he finally got it!

Luke was, um, thrilled at his turn on Santa's lap, too

And Jack just had to go tell Santa just who he was holding and why he was so special: "That's my baby Luke cousin!"

I had given Jack specific instructions on what to do when Santa called his name. I told him that he needed to be a patient boy and wait for his turn, and then when it was his turn he had to go sit on Santa's lap and then smile at mommy and say "Cheese!" so that mommy could get a good picture, and then when he was done Santa would give him his present! He did such a good job being a patient through everyone else's turns...


Mommy (actually, the gift was for Samuel!)

Uncle Scotty and Auntie Mimi
See Amy? I do include you in my pictures, even if Jack and/or Luke aren't in them with you!)

And then, finally it was Jack Jack's turn! He did such a great job remembering my instructions! He let Santa pull him up onto his lap, never taking his eyes off of the prize...

And then he suddenly looked up and yelled "CHEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!! CHEEEEEEEESE!!! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!" He must have wanted to make really certain that he had earned that present!

Jack's gift from Santa turned out to be a yellow helicopter, and he was absolutely stoked on that! When he's looking for that helicopter, he tells me that he's looking for "The yellow Santa helicopter!" And when someone is admiring it, he always makes sure to tell them "Santa gave it for me!"

I have to include this picture of my goddaughter, Allie, showing off the hat and scarf that I got her. I just love that little girl, and Jack does, too!

And of course, what Christmas post would be complete without our annual "MelviNutteReeves Family" photo?
(although, we definitely should have re-thought our arrangement here... who's idea was it to put Luke in the back and my ginormous self in the front?!)

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