Monday, February 8, 2010

Surprise, Sadie!

Jack adores birthdays and everything that has to do with them. He asks me almost daily whose birthday it is and if we can buy them a present! And when I tell him that we don't know anyone who is having a birthday that day, then he insists on going down the list of who is next to have a birthday, and next after that, and next after that, and so on... Since Sadie is one of Jack's favorite people, you can imagine how excited he was when I told him that Sadie was having a birthday! And not only was she having a birthday, but it was going to be a surprise! We practiced standard surprise party procedure, and by the time Sadie got to the house Jack was a pro! He kept telling me "We hide and when Sadie comes to the door we jump out and yell 'SURPRISE, SADIE!!!!'" And that's exactly what he did!

She was definitely surprised!

After the surprise Jack ran up to Sadie and made sure that she had heard him yelling surprise and told her "Happy Birthday" a few thousand times. He even made sure that she knew how old she was by telling her "Sadie, you are FOUR!" (yes, he's staked his claim on an older woman!)

Then Jack made sure that he showed us all exactly how enthusiastically he had yelled "Surprise, Sadie!"

Luke hadn't quite figured out the whole concept of a surprise party... either that or he just thought we were all being silly

And I know that Luke can't wait until he's big enough to participate in the pinata, too! Or, if not the destroy-the-pinata part of it, then at least the candy-gathering part of it!

The birthday girl also had a great time! She blew out her candles and opened her gifts...

She even got to feed Baby Luke!

Then, since it was a beautiful day, we all went out front to play!

Happy birthday, Sadie! We love you so much! Hope you had a great time at your party, and I hope 4 is your best year yet!

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