Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Baby Shower Time!

A couple of weeks ago I was so blessed to be able to spend time with a lot of good family and friends in celebration of Samuel's impending arrival! I was so excited to get to celebrate this precious little life inside of me with those I love, and Jack was, too! He was greatly looking forward to "Baby Brother Samuel's party!" and had been talking about it for days! He was excited that Samuel was going to get presents and that he was going to have cake! LOL!

As excited as I was, I couldn't get excited when it came to finding something to wear! Seriously, what is wrong with the makers of maternity clothes?! Newsflash: not every pregnant woman has a belly the size of a cute little volleyball... or even a basketball! Some of us have bellies that actually look like they are big enough to hold the babies that are hanging out in there! And of those of us with the more normal-sized bellies, some of us do not think that it is cute to have the bottom half of our bellies hanging out, or to have the elastic waistband that helps our pants to defy gravity showing under the hem of our shirts! Some of us would really really really appreciate being able to find shirts that actually fit us!!!

So, what did I end up wearing to my shower? Well... um... I ended up wearing pants underneath something that was supposed to be a dress. On me, or should I say, on my Sam-belly, however, it was waaaaay too short in the front to be worn as a dress! Unfortunately, it was also way too long in the back to be able to pass as a shirt! And yes, it was a supposed to be a maternity dress! Luckily enough for me, no one has the nerve to tell a big fat pregnant lady that her outfit looks stupid, and I think I may have gotten away with it! Maybe. I'm sure a few people were snickering at me behind my back, but they are probably also the same people that had teeny tiny cute little volleyball bellies when they were pregnant... or will have when it's their turn... so I suppose I can't expect them to understand. At least they told me that I looked cute to my face!

The adorable cake!

The big brother! (As cute as he looks with this new haircut, I don't like it! I think it makes him look so much older than he is! I miss his surfer-boy hair!!!)

A "generations" picture...
Amy, Luke, Mom, Jack, Grammy, and Me and Sam

Jack, doing one of his favorite things: holding Luke

Me and my Jack Jack!

Me and my Sam!

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