Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Storkage, And Downtown Disney

This January we had another opportunity for a Stork meetup when Keisha's family came out for one of the Bowl games! Her family are big Longhorn fans, and so they followed their team out here to watch them at the game. While they were at it, they turned it into a family vacation and spent a few days at Disneyland. Of course, us So Cal Storks were thrilled with this, because it gave us another opportunity to hang out with a good friend. On one of the days they were out here, we met them at Downtown Disney's ESPN Zone for lunch! The kids had a blast, and we all had a great time catching up. We couldn't believe how much the kids had grown up since they had been out here in June... Cayden hadn't even been born yet and Ang and I were just barely pregnant with our little ones at the time!

Isabella, Keisha, Dylan, Nicole, Cayden, Susan, Ang (and McKenna), Austin, Me (And Samuel) and Jack Jack

Special thanks to Keisha's sister Kimberly, who took the picture. It was fun for me to meet her, too, because I know that she is a fellow Friends fan! And, of course, she is just as awesome as I'd expect a sister of Keisha's to be :)

After lunch, Keisha and her family went back to Disneyland and everyone else had to run somewhere else, so Jack and I took the opportunity, while we were there, to hang out at Downtown Disney! One of the things we did that Jack loved was the Lego Store! While we were there he remembered our trip to Legoland and was telling me all about it. He got distracted halfway through his story, though...

By a giant giraffe!

We also checked out Build-A-Bear (we didn't build one, though... we just checked it out and watched other people 'build' their animals), the Rainforest Cafe store (they have really cool fishtanks!), and grabbed a frozen lemonade from Wetzels. Jack's favorite part of Downtown Disney, of course, were the water fountains! Have I mentioned how much this kid loves water?

Yes, I had to remind him not to fall in

And while I'm sure he would have loved to jump right in, he settled for splashing... a lot!

He may have even been considering trying to take a drink of the water

I have to admit, it was a pretty cool fountain

But I was really glad that he didn't actually climb in!

(I have to admit that the reason I posted almost all of the pictures was because I'm just so stinkin' excited about my new camera!!! I still haven't gotten to play a lot with it, but I do love many of the shots I've gotten so far! I really need to work on figuring out the auto-focus, as it is different on the 7D than on the Rebel... definitely way more sensitive with way more focal points to choose from!)

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  1. Great shots girl! That new camera took you from amazing to FANTASTICLY AMAZING!