Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Do Weddings Right

This year we had a very nontraditional New Year's Eve. Rather than our regular tradition of watching the ball dropping with Jack at 9 (one of the awesome things about living on the West Coast is that we can take advantage of the East Coast feeds, and avoid a super late bedtime for the little ones!), we packed up and headed to a wedding! My cousin Danielle was getting married on NYE, and since the wedding was an hour away and it was going to be a late night, we got a hotel room, lined up a babysitter (my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Larry were so awesome- they got a hotel room out there as well so that they could watch the kids for us while we were at the wedding!), and prepared to celebrate the happy couple! A little added bonus: my brand new camera had been delivered that morning, so I was going to be able to break it in at the wedding!

Just a few pics of the ceremony:

Aunt Linnette: The Mother of the Bride

Luciano: The Handsomest Ring Bearer Ever!

Melinda: The Maid of Honor

I tried to get a picture of Chris' face when Danielle came in, as that's usually my favorite shot from weddings. Unfortunately my seat didn't afford the best angle.

Emmaleigh looked so grown-up! She did a great job with the scripture reading, too!

Allie: A Flower Girl, trying very hard to hold still



Unity Candle

The Kiss

We're Married!

Caught this one as they were walking out... it's my favorite because of the looks on both of their faces. Danielle, blushing and giggling, thrilled to be Mrs. Alcorn... and Chris, staring at his bride, with his tongue hanging out thinking "Yeah, we did it! Now let's get this party started!"

Since Dave had to work the next day, he was only able to come to the wedding. He had to get to bed at a reasonable hour and therefore wasn't able to stay at the reception. Instead, he headed back to the hotel to put Jack Jack to bed while I stayed and got ready to par-tay... well, as much as an 8 month pregnant lady can par-tay! I'm pretty sure that I was the only completely sober person at the reception, and the next morning I was definitely the only one without some degree of a hangover! It was such a fun party, though... the Schumacher clan definitely knows how to do weddings right!

A few reception pics:
Jacquie flew in from FL! We were all so excited to have her with us!
Jacquie, Aunt Joanne, Laura, Grammy, and Carlos

Scott and Amy

Mom and Dad

Travis and (a very blurry- and tired!) me

The First Dance

The Mother-Daughter Dance

Luciano is freaking adorable!

The Happy Couple!

Cake Cutting

They were cracking me up feeding it to each other... especially Danielle- she kept shoveling the cake into her own mouth in between feeding it to Chris. It was really good cake!


And then, the party began!!! The lights went out, the music came up, and everyone flocked to the dance floor and we partied in the New Year!

Even my dad hit the dance floor- crutches and all!

After the countdown to midnight, they did the bouquet toss and the garter toss... I have a ton of pictures of these, and it was so hard to narrow down the best ones!

(It's easy to guess who is going to get it, isn't it?)

It was such a fun party and everyone had such a great time! I also had so much fun playing with my new camera, and I can't wait to get the hang of it!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Alcorn!!!

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