Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

One Christmas tradition that I've always wanted to do with my kids is make Christmas Cookies! I remember my mom always letting us help her make cookies and how much fun we used to have, and I wanted to pass that on to my kids. Because of Jack Jack's severe egg allergy I was always wary of letting him touch the raw cookie dough, though, so this was the first year that Jack actually got to help me make the cookies!

First we made the dough and the frosting at our house, and then, after the dough had been refrigerated for an hour (per the recipe), we brought it and our cookie-making gear over to grandma's house!

I didn't have Jack help me make the cookie dough for two reasons- the first was because of his severe egg allergy, and the second was because of the fact that he's pretty terrified of my hand-mixer. He's slightly less terrified of my stand-mixer, though, so I let him help me make the frosting! He loves to help me in the kitchen and he is always asking "Can we make a recipe?" so I'm trying to encourage him to like the mixers, since most of my favorite recipes (read: sweets and treats and baked goodies) include using the mixers!

I'm thinking that the best and easiest way to encourage a fondness for the mixer is to let him lick the beaters after we're done making frosting... right?

Of course, he doesn't like to get messy, so he didn't really lick the beater. Instead he used his fingers to pick the frosting off of it and then licked the frosting off of his fingers. Hey, it works!

I was busy trying to keep the mess to a minimum (yeah, that didn't really work... sorry for all the flour and sprinkles all over your house, mom!) and hovering over Jack to check for any signs of an allergic reaction to touching the cookie dough (since there were eggs in it) and making sure that he didn't eat any of the raw dough (never even occurred to him, thank God!), so I didn't get any pictures of him with flour all over his face as he rolled out the dough, and cut out the cookies. He was interested for about three cookie-sheets, and then he took a break to play with Grandpa's train while I finished cutting and baking the cookies. We took another break for lunch while the cookies cooled, and then it was time to frost them!

He really didn't have any interest in spreading the frosting, but he loved putting the sprinkles on! I'm pretty sure my mom is still sweeping up the sprinkles, though!

He lasted for 6 cookies (probably because I had 6 different kinds of sprinkles and he wanted to use each one!), and then he was ready to eat one! Of course, rather than picking it up and eating it, he started picking the sprinkles off, and eating them one by one! Finally I picked up the cookie and held it for him to take a bite. He loved it, but once I set it down he went right back to picking off and eating the sprinkles, one by one.

Hmmm, picking at his food? Is he my kid or what?!

It wasn't until after I took this picture that I realized which plate I had put them on... these are the cookies Jack made at just over 2.5 yrs old, on a plate that I had made when I was just under 2.5 years old! I'm probably the only one that thinks that's interesting and/or funny, but I had to point it out ;)

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