Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming Came To Town!

Every year our local police department assists Santa in visiting all the children in our city! Starting in the beginning of December they loan Santa some police cars and, since his magic only works on Christmas Eve, they map out the best routes in order for him to be able to visit as many streets as possible before he needs to head back to the North Pole to work on his Naughty Or Nice lists. Grammy sent me Santa's schedule ahead of time (thanks, Grammy!), and on the day that Santa was scheduled to arrive on our street, we invited my parents over to meet Santa, too!

We went for a "walk" around the block to look at all the Christmas lights as we waited for Santa's sleigh to arrive

Note: Two days before this my dad had undergone a long-overdue surgery. Hence, the wheelchair. I guess 30 years of running 5 miles almost every day will do that to you... and that is yet another reason I am not a runner.

Then suddenly we heard Santa's sleigh coming, and Dave threw Jack up onto his shoulders so that Jack wouldn't miss seeing his sleigh come around the corner!

And then, Jack got to sit with Santa! I told him to make sure that he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure Jack specifically asked him for a Candy Cane for Christmas. How fun that he got just what he wanted!

Jack loves Santa, but he didn't want to linger on his lap. He was anxious to get down because he wanted to see the police cars! That hasn't changed, though, that's the only thing he was interested in last year, too!

And then, with a wink and a smile he drove out of sight...

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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