Thursday, December 24, 2009

Knott's Berry Merry Farm!

Two years ago for Dave's birthday, we went to Knott's Berry Merry Farm to celebrate because they were having their special Firefighters-And-Their-Spouse-Get-In-Free promotion and all three of us were able to walk right in! This year, they were doing the same promotion, so a few days after Dave's birthday we walked right in again! This time, though, we brought my mom and my sister and baby Luke (part of the promotion is that firefighters can get up to 6 guests in for only $15 each, which was a huge discount!). We spent most of our time in Camp Snoopy, of course, and Jack was such a good boy! We had such an awesome time, and Jack has been talking about Knott's Berry Merry Farm and the rides he went on ever since! Get ready for lots of pictures!

Jack was so little compared to all the other kids on this ride...

But he loved it!

Baby Luke had an awesome time...

As we waited for Jack and Dave to ride the Giant Skateboard (which Jack declared to be his favorite ride there)

Jack's totally looking at this girl like "What is she doing in my airplane?!" But I felt so bad for her... she was so sweet and gave up her seat in a different plane because her little brother was crying that he wanted to ride with their other brother. Then she got in the back of Jack's plane and Jack was so enthralled with the ride that he forgot to 'drive' the plane up and down by pulling the stick, so they just circled around the bottom the whole time! She was a good sport, though.

Next we waited in anticipation for the train! It was Luke's first train ride and I'm sure that he'll come to love them just as much as his big cousin does!

Jack and Grandma rode in the hot air balloons (Jack wanted to ride in the one with the stars on the balloon!)

And then Jack found a ride (with a very, um, interesting name) that he got to work all by himself! He did great pumping the car to make it go... that is, until he crashed into the girl in front of him which caused the boy behind him to crash into Jack. After that Jack just kept his eyes on that little boy!

By then, Luke was about ready for lunch

And after lunch Jack Jack spied another train that he wanted to ride on...

So we took him on it, of course

And then we took Jack to see Santa, who was hanging out at Knott's Berry Merry Farm for the day

I don't know what Jack told him...

But whatever he said earned him a candy cane, which he was very excited about!

Then we headed back over to Camp Snoopy, where Jack Jack and Auntie Mimi played on a barrel bridge...

... Jack Jack and grandma rode on Lucy's Crazy Tugboat ride...

... and Jack rode the 'helicopter' ride! He loved this one. He kept saying "It's like a helicopter and I'm like the propeller!" Of course, he mostly stared at the center the whole time, because it was spinning! Spinning is his favorite!

And then it was time to go home... but not before I took one last picture! Two years ago when we brought Jack Jack to Knott's Berry Merry Farm, I took a picture of him next to this wagon wheel. That wheel had been there as long as I could remember, and I thought that it would be a fun tradition to take a picture of him next to it every time we went (much like the bunny pictures I take of him). I almost had a heart attack when the wagon wasn't in its usual spot this year, but I found it!

Jack Jack and the wheel, 8 months old

Jack Jack and the wheel, 2 years and 8 months old

What a difference!

Yes, I know the wheels look slightly different. I'm pretending not to notice on purpose!

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