Thursday, December 10, 2009

Absolutely, Definitely, And Without A Doubt

You may remember, from this post and this post, that I am the only one that has been 110% certain that This One is a boy. I mean, before I was even pregnant I knew that the next one was going to be a boy- so much so that Jack picked up on it and told Dave "I want a baby brother!' And ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been telling Jack that he was going to have a baby brother, so he would have been very confused if This One turned out to be a girl!

At both the 13 week and the 18 week ultrasounds, I definitely saw boy parts and ultrasound technicians both confirmed my suspicions. Dave, however, was still skeptical because he couldn't see it. Since he was the only one in there with me, and he wasn't entirely convinced, no one else believed that This One was a boy, either! Dave wouldn't listen to me when I told him "Trust me, I've seen enough ultrasounds to know exactly what I'm looking at and I know what I saw!" and he insisted that we needed to get another ultrasound to be certain, so I called and made an appointment at First Look Sonogram. We were allowed to bring up to 10 people with us, so on Friday, November 20th, Dave and I brought Jack, my parents, my sister, baby Luke and Grammy to our appointment to get a good look at This One.

Waiting for the appointment

And cooing over Baby Luke

The Big Brother!

One of the Big Cousins!

Then they called my name and we all went back to the room for the ultrasound! I laid on the bed next to the u/s equipment, Dave sat next to me, Jack saw a toy in the middle of the room and immediately ran to play with that, and everyone else sat on the big comfy couches which were aimed at the screen so that they could watch the ultrasound.

And then, I smiled ear-to-ear when the first thing out of the technician's mouth was that This One most DEFINITELY is a boy!!! As soon as she put the wand to my belly the evidence was right there for us all to see! (And yes, I do have photographic evidence, but I feel weird posting a photo of the baby's "goods", even if it is just an ultrasound. If you really want to see it, email me and I'll send you the proof!) This One is absolutely, definitely, and without a doubt, a BOY!!!!

3D ultrasounds are amazing. Seriously, it was so awesome to experience that ultrasound! I think it kind of helped a little with my slight guilt over not obsessing over This One like I did with Jack... I loved getting to concentrate on him and it kind of felt like it was something I was doing for him, rather than just normal pregnancy things. Plus, up until then I hadn't even bought him anything except for something off the dollar rack at Target, and even then I only did it because I was feeling guilty that I hadn't bought him anything! Apparently he still loves to sleep with his hands up in front of his face, so I jiggled him and poked him and he finally moved his hands and then we could see his beautiful face! He has my nose, and I think he has Jack's amazing lips! It was so cute, he kind of started waking up at one point (probably because I was poking his butt!) and we could see him yawn and swallow and stick out his tongue, and he wiggled his eyebrows and he frowned and his forehead wrinkled! It was adorable :)

Jack Jack thought it was pretty cool, too, and we were all really impressed that he seemed to know exactly what he was looking at! He was quite the little narrator, telling us all exactly what "my baby brother" was doing at every second! "Oh that's his hand! He opened his mouth! Look his eyebrows! That's my baby brother!" It was so fun! The u/s tech got quite a kick out of him!

Oh, and once we got visual confirmation (okay, once Dave got visual confirmation, since we all know that I know what I saw at both of the other ultrasounds!), This One officially had a name! So, I'd like to introduce you to

Samuel Kenneth Reeves

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