Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mommy's Intuition

This past Wednesday, since Luke cooperated and was born the night before, Dave and I dropped Jack Jack off at my mom's house and headed to Santa Monica for an ultrasound! I was anxious and excited (and only slightly peeved that I had to drive to Santa-frickin'-Monica!) to get to check on this kid and see him (or her, I suppose) again.

I loved the setup in that office, as the u/s tech had her monitor in front of her (angled to where we couldn't see it, as usual), and there was an additional flatscreen up on the wall in front of Dave and me, where we got to see exactly what the u/s tech was seeing! She took some measurements, took some photos of specific parts of the baby, and mentioned that everything was looking good as she continued to inspect our kid.

Okay, I have to interrupt my story for a second to talk about my Mommy's Intuition. Ever since I first got pregnant, I've been feeling like this kid is a boy. So much so, in fact, that I've been telling Jack Jack that he's going to have a baby brother! Honestly, I would be perfectly over-the-moon happy if I were having a girl, but I just feel like it's a boy. Like 'girl' isn't even an option! It could be partly due to the fact that I so adore being the mommy of a boy, or even that the idea of having a teenage girl scares the crap out of me, but I've been referring to this kid as "he" and "him" and "son", "boy", and "brother" this whole time, with no real proof other than just a gut feeling. But hey, I'm the mommy, right? So a gut feeling is really all I need to declare something as fact, right? Mommy's Intuition is a seriously real thing! Seriously! Just ask my friend Nicolle, who continued to believe that she was having a boy even after the ultrasound told her that it was a girl. She was so sure, that she didn't even bat an eye when her sweet baby girl Maddie came out with a penis and turned out to be a Dylan! Mommy's Intuition= the best diagnostic tool ever!

If this kid turns out to be a girl... well, we just won't think about that, okay?

Anyway, back to the ultrasound. The u/s tech showed us the head, then the arms, and then the belly. Then, as she was showing us the legs... I swear I know that I saw some 'boy parts' in there! I mean, I have stared at enough ultrasounds to know exactly what I'm looking at, even when the tech moves the wand really quickly, so I think I'm pretty confident in my ability to determine a hot dog from a hamburger. But just to be sure, I asked the u/s tech if she could perhaps determine a gender. She smiled and said "It's too early!" But then she paused. "Well, I could make a guess..."

I jumped all over that! "I'll take a guess!!!"

"Well, if I had to guess, I'd say that it looks like a boy!"

Yessssssssss! Score another point for Mommy's intuition! Okay, okay, I know it's really early still, since I'm 13 weeks (or was at the time of the appointment... I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow), but it is still possible to see it... it's just really small and easy to miss at this point. So, I'm just going to continue on like I've been doing, and refer to this baby as a "he", a "him" and a "son", "boy" and "brother", and then I'll wait to make any major announcements until we find out for sure (which, if this little man cooperates, will be September 22!).

And now, pics of our littlest one!

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