Sunday, August 30, 2009

Minnie Is Beautiful!

Conversation with Jack Jack as we were finishing his bath and getting his jammies on for bed:

Jack (looking at himself in the mirror as he's wearing his fireman towel): Oh, I'm Jack Jack, I look like a fireman!
Me: You do look like a fireman! You are too cute!
Jack: Argh!!! Momma, the fireman... um... the pirate says 'Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!'
Me: Ha ha, that's right! The pirate says 'Arrrrgh!' And he says 'Aye, Matey!'
Jack: Aye, Mane-y! Aye, Mane-y... Minnie! Oh! Aye, Minnie!
Me: Minnie?! You are so silly!
Jack: Aye, Minnie! Aye, Daisy!
Me: Daisy?! Ha ha! Do you like Daisy and Minnie?
Jack: I like Daisy and Minnie. Minnie is beautiful! Daisy has a basket!
Me: Oh she does, does she? What about Mickey?
Jack: Mickey is so pretty. He has a black nose!
Me: He does have a black nose!
Jack: Daisy does not have a black nose. Minnie has a black nose, too! And Goofy has a black nose! Goofy likes pineapples. He says (singing) "Pineapple underpants, pineapple underpants!"
Me: Pineapple underpants?!?!
Jack: Yes, he sing "Pineapple underpants!" Goofy is so silly!
Me: You are so silly!

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  1. You have to love that! :D Adorable!!