Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visiting Baby Luke

The day after Luke was born, the three of us hopped in the car and went to the hospital to visit Scott, Amy and Luke. We had perfect timing and made it down there exactly as visiting hours started! I was really excited to get to see the baby again, and even more excited to introduce him to Jack Jack. I knew that Jack would love him and be great with him, and I wanted to show Dave how good Jack was with babies, since we are expecting one of our own in February.

Luke was sleeping when we got there, and he slept the whole time!

Jack was so excited to be able to hold Luke! He kept saying adorable things, as usual, like "Oh, momma he so cute! He is a good boy, he not crying!" And "He not go in the crib, I hold him!"

He gave him kisses...

and hugs...

And just generally stared at him the whole time.

Of course, that's all I could do, too!

Whenever we asked Jack if we could hold Luke he'd hold him protectively and say "No no! He's not done yet!" We finally managed to pry him away by telling him that he needed to share and it was grandma's turn. Luckily Jack Jack likes to share! Of course, it probably helped that Amy let him play with her little breathing machine thingy!

But once he was done with that he was right back to sitting next to Luke!

Can you blame him?

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