Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Un-birthday Birthday

On December 3rd this year, Dave turned 30! Every year he tells me that he doesn't want to do anything for his birthday and he doesn't want any presents. To me, though, birthdays are a big deal, and I love to celebrate the day that the love of my life was born, so every year I make him do something, even if it is just going out to dinner, and I make him a cake (or a cake-equivalent... he tries to avoid sweets and so I try to do some sort of treat that he won't feel guilty about eating) and get him a gift. This year, since it was the big 3-0, I told him that I was not going to force him to do anything at all for his birthday, and he could do exactly what he wanted. Which was nothing. At his request, I did not make him a birthday cake, instead of giving him a birthday present I went the route of the Advent Conspiracy and gave the money I would have spent on him to two orphanages that our church supports, one in Mexico and one in Mozambique.

When Jack woke up the morning of Dave's birthday, Dave told me to stay in bed and he'd get up with Jack. Later, Dave went to the gym, took a nap, and then made dinner. Yup! For his 30th birthday, I got to sleep in and I got to sit on my butt while my man slaved in the kitchen (I did wash the dishes, though!). I tried so hard to just do whatever it was that he wanted to do all day long even though it was so hard for me that he didn't want to acknowledge that it was his birthday at all! Aren't I such a great wife? Ha ha!

Okay, so I did do one thing for his birthday... the weekend before I took Jack Jack to Color Me Mine to make a gift for his daddy for his birthday. I want to teach Jack Jack the joy of giving and I couldn't miss the opportunity to allow him to give something special to his daddy on his daddy's birthday! Of course, while we were there Dave called from work and Jack promptly told him "Hi daddy! I painting a cup for you! Happy birthday!" Nice, dude. Next lesson: secrets and surprises.

(pic from my phone)

I don't think that Dave expected me to take him seriously about not doing anything at all for his birthday, because he seemed surprised that I didn't make him a cake or make him go out to dinner or anything like that. I am not quite sure what he thinks about that, but I'm hoping that he didn't like it! Hopefully next year he won't argue when I force him to go out to dinner or allow us to sing Happy Birthday to him as he blows out his candles!

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