Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pumpkin Painting

This year, I decided that Jack and I would paint the boy's pumpkins while daddy carved his and my pumpkin (I don't like carving... the only reason I do it is because Dave seems to enjoy it, and because I love pumpkin seeds!). Jack and I had picked out pumpkins for him and This One when we went to the pumpkin patch, and I picked up 2 bigger (read: cheaper) pumpkins at the grocery store for Dave and me, and then I set us up outside so that I wouldn't have to worry about the mess!

Ready to start!

This requires intense concentration

These paint brushes are so cool... the paint is IN the brushes and you just squeeze it when you need more! No paint pallet necessary!

Daddy poked his head in to check out Jack's artwork before he got started on carving the big pumpkins (and check him out, he's smiling!)

Dave, hard at work

Have I mentioned that my son hates messes?

Ever since he was 14 months old, any time anything gets on his hands it's "Oh no! What a mess!" and the world stops until he can get his hands clean again.

And if mommy responds with "It's okay that you got some paint on you, we'll clean it up later. You can keep painting," well, that's not good enough for him, and he takes matters into his own hands.

"All clean!"

I painted a '2' on This One's pumpkin, and when Jack saw it he got very excited. When I explained to him that the 2 was because This One was #2 because Jack was #1, he insisted that I paint a '1' on his pumpkin for him

About the 100th time that Jack freaked out when he accidentally got paint on his hands...

... I decided to pull out the finger-paints to see what he would do when he got paint on his hands on purpose.

That went much better!!!

He still wasn't quite sure about the mess, and asked me to wipe it off a few times, though.

But then daddy came over and asked for a 'High 5', and suddenly it was cool to have paint on your hands!

After that, he got really into this finger-painting thing

And then he got very silly

And then a little sillier

And the whole time he'd stop everything whenever an airplane or a helicopter flew over the house... just like every single day. And they fly over our house a lot.

Jack went a little heavy on the black paint, but he was very proud of his artwork (he kept telling me "my pumpkin is black!") and I was very proud of him for being brave and getting a little messy! Overall, I'd say that the pumpkin painting was a success!!!

Unfortunately, we left the pumpkins in the backyard until the next afternoon and the finger-paint we used kind of curled and shrunk when the sun hit it and so it partially peeled off of Jack's pumpkin. When he saw it he said "Oh no, the black paint is broken!" Oh well, it still looked cool and Jack wasn't really upset by it. And now I know not to use fingerpaint from Target's dollar section for things that will be sitting in the sun!

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