Friday, December 18, 2009

Deck The Halls...

...with Handy Manny!

I adore having a Christmas tree up (as evidenced by the fact that it's usually up well into January since I have a hard time saying goodbye to it)! And, being that we are in the group that firmly believes that Christmas decorations shouldn't be put out until after thanksgiving, we usually start decorating as soon after Thanksgiving as possible in order to maximize our time with the tree. Unfortunately, starting the day after Thanksgiving this year, Dave had to work a 120- hour shift. It sucked, and we missed him. Plus, being 7 months pregnant, I wasn't able to pull out the Christmas decorations by myself, so I resigned myself to the idea that it would have to wait until Dave came home the following Wednesday.

On Sunday, though, Dave surprised me by taking a few hours off work and, while Jack Jack and I were at a bridal shower, he came home and set up the Christmas tree!!! Imagine my shock and delight when we came home to see that not only had Dave come home for a few hours, but to see our beautifully lit Christmas Tree as well!!! I love my husband :) Dave was even able to come to church with me (which he hadn't been able to do in 5 weeks because he happened to be working all those Sundays)! He had to leave directly from church in order to get back to work, but I was so thrilled to be able to worship with my husband by my side!

The next day, Jack Jack and I began decorating the tree. Jack had so much fun looking at the ornaments and listening to me tell him why each one was special. That is, until he pulled the Handy Manny ornament out of the box! Last year I gave him that ornament for Christmas- I fell in love with it when I saw Jack's reaction to it in the store (his face lit up and he declared in awe "Ooooh it Handy Manny! I like him!" and he even gave Manny's raised hand a high five!). I fell in love with it all over again when I saw Jack's reaction to it this year.

"Oooh, it Handy Manny! And these are his tools! Hi Handy Manny! I'm Jack Jack!" Then he said hello to each and every one of his tools, calling them each by name. He was very thrilled to have Handy Manny on his Christmas Tree, and I was thrilled that he was thrilled. He still says hello to Handy Manny and introduces himself to him and his tools each time he goes to check out the tree!

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