Thursday, December 17, 2009

Be Prepared To See Many Posts About The Zoo In The Future...

... because we bought a season pass!

Now that my mom has two days a week off of work, Jack and I have been spending even more time with her than we did before! And we spent a lot of time with her before, so that's saying a lot! The last time Jack and I had gone to the zoo, I had noticed that the annual pass wasn't that expensive and considered purchasing one. I had a coupon (thanks dad!) for admission that day, though, so I decided that it could wait until we felt we wanted to go again. Finally, in November, Ang decided that we needed to have a day at the zoo! Since Jack had turned 2 since the last time we went to the zoo I was pretty bummed to find that he wasn't free anymore, so once again I though about getting us season passes. I mentioned it to Ang and she thought that sounded like a good idea, and we found that we could get a pass for three adults and as many kids as we wanted for little more than what it would cost for 3 trips to the zoo (and, since Jack Jack wasn't free anymore, it would only be little more than what 2 trips would cost for me!). So Ang, my mom and I went in together and bought the Family Deluxe season pass to the zoo! The great thing about the zoo pass? You only need one cardholder to get in, so if any of us can't go, then we can bring whoever we want with us as a substitute! Jack and I have gone twice so far with our passes... the first time was with Ang and Austin and my mom and Luke, along with some of our other friends. The second time, Jack and I were able to bring Amy and Luke and our cousin Laura and her step-daughter Aaliyah! Awesome!!! Jack had a great time at the zoo, both times!

Trip One:
Jack was very excited to go to the zoo!

Luke didn't really notice the animals... he mostly just stared at grandma

At the petting zoo, Jack thought it was really fun to brush the goats' hair. We probably should have used the brush on his own hair, instead! Or just left his hat on.

On the way to see the gorillas, Jack and grandma saw a mouse in the bushes!

He was very disappointed when the mouse ran away

This is Penelope. Jack thinks she's beautiful. I do, too.

Some more of Jack's friends

There was a little bit of drama as two of the boys 'fought' over who got to play with my cell phone... apparently cell phones are quite the hot commodity with one-year-olds. I held it up to try to get a picture of both of them together. Not sure how well that worked...

Then we took a break to feed baby Luke

And Jack played with his helicopter

And once Luke was ready again we very slowly made our way to the front of the zoo to head home so that we could make it before Auntie Mimi got there to pick him up. We're pretty sure that Luke loved the zoo, too! Still not sure if he saw any of the animals, but he was pretty content to be strapped to grandma the whole time!

Trip Two:
Laura and Aaliyah

Pause to tell a funny Jack Jack moment:
Jack: Oh look the gorilla!
Me: Yes, it is a big gorilla! What is he doing?
Jack: Um... he eating lunch!
Me: He is eating lunch! What is he eating?
Jack: It looks like he eating a stick!
Me: I think he is eating a stick! Do you think it tastes yummy?
Jack: Eh...
Me: Probably not, huh?
Jack: Um, I think probably it does!
Me: You think the stick tastes yummy?! Well, I guess he seems to like it. Would you like to eat a stick for lunch?
Jack (aghast): I not eat a stick for lunch!!! I need hot dogs!
Me (laughing): No Jack, you don't have to eat a stick for lunch if you don't want to! I brought a sandwich for you to eat.
(15 minutes later...)
Jack (worried): Momma, I don't have to eat a stick for lunch if I don't want to? I eat a sammich!
( lunchtime)
Me: Okay Jack, it's time to eat lunch now!
Jack: But I not eat a stick for lunch!

He cracked me up with his worries that I was going to make him eat a stick for lunch! For the record, I never told him I was going to... I only asked him if he wanted to! Auntie Mimi, however, actually gave him a stick for (after) lunch! But it was the yummy kind of stick! He had never had one before, and it was quite a treat for him!

He had picked the blue-that-turns-green-when-wet flavor, and he was such an adorable mess!

Luke was, once again, such a good boy at the zoo! I took a picture of him...

and then two seconds later I turned around and just had to take another picture!

Amazing! He's such a good boy! (And before you comment that it's not actually amazing and just one of the things that babies do, don't... because mine never did that!)

Jack and Aaliyah saw how they measured up to the California Condor (and I can't help but measure my 2 year old against the 7 year old- Jack Jack may not have a wingspan quite like the condor, but he is huge!)...

Auntie Mimi and Jack Jack found a waterfall...

And then pretended to be prairie dogs.

Then Jack Jack saw a cow, declared it to be yummy, and pretended to take a bite out of it!

We had so much fun at the zoo with Auntie Mimi and Luke, and Laura and Aaliyah! I'm so glad they were able to come with us, and so glad that Ang, mom and I bought those passes! We are definitely looking forward to our next trip to the zoo, very soon!

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