Monday, March 23, 2009

Is That A Booger On My Ear?

Tonight after dinner, Jack and I were sitting on the couch watching some movies of him on my computer (he loves to watch movies of himself), when I decided that my ear itched and I should scratch it. So I reached up and scratched, and I felt something like a scab. So I grabbed it and looked at it... yeah, it was a booger. A big, reddish-blackish-yellowish booger. EW EW EW!!!! Then I realized that it was dried, so it must have been there all day! The only thing that I can think is that at some point in the day, Jack must have sneezed on me! Either that or it was already loose when he smashed his face up to my cheek to give me a kiss, like he does a million times a day (love that kid!), and it got transferred upon contact. Either way, my kid put a booger on my face! Niiiice, thanks Jack!

Perhaps a better name for this post would be You Know You're A Mom When... Hmmm, You Know You're A Mom When... you walk around all day with your kid's boogers on the side of your face and you don't even notice. Or, You Know You're A Mom When... you're hardly phased by realizing that you didn't even notice that you were wearing a huge booger on the side of your face. Maybe, You Know You're A Mom When... you realize that at some point during a long, busy day, any one of the friends you spent the day with may have noticed the huge booger on the side of your face and not thought to say anything to you about it. Although, perhaps that last one would be, You Know Your Friends Are Moms When... Um, I'm hoping they didn't notice ;)

So yeah, we had a long, busy day today! Ang and Austin came over and the two of them plus Jack and I met up with some Stork friends from Northern CA- Erin, her husband Craig, her son Zach, and her brother and sister- at the LA Zoo! We had a really fun day! All the kids were really good, and we all enjoyed seeing all the animals. We were really bummed that some of the exhibits were closed (no gorillas?!?!?!), but, with My-Dad-the-Coupon-King's discount tickets, we still got our money's worth. And even if we hadn't, it was so nice seeing Erin and her family that it would have been worth it anyway!

Ang, Austin, Matt (stealing Jack's hat), Jack, Me, Cecelia, Zach, Erin (Craig is taking the picture)

I Love Zach's amazing eyes!

And Austin's eyes, too! He has mirrors for eyes!

A Meerkat

The boys! Austin (almost 6 months), Jack (almost 2 yrs), Zach (almost 9 months)

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