Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Big Thank You To... Umm...

Jack's birthday is coming up (please hold while I take a moment to freak out about my baby turning 2!) and I have been trying to get a lot of the planning taken care of before we leave for Hawaii this Saturday, and that involved ordering a lot of things online. Yes, I order a lot of things online. I hate shopping, and I love having packages delivered, so e-shopping is the perfect solution! Plus, you can find anything online, right? Getting a package delivered is like Christmas for me! Whenever I see that a package has been delivered, I jokingly think to myself "Ooooh maybe someone bought me a present!" Most times, though, I totally know what is in the package, but it's really fun to open the box and see what exactly came and if it's exactly what I expected or not!

Since we've been spending a lot of money lately on our Hawaii trip and Jack's birthday-and I knew that everything I had ordered had already shown up- when I came home last night so see a huge package on my doorstep my first thought wasn't my usual "Oooh yay, a present!" so much as a "Oh no, what did I order now?" I was absolutely thrilled to discover that the package contained the thing I have been wanting sooooo badly for the last few months!!! It was a photography backdrop stand with a carrying case and 2 muslin backdrops! But, I was also a little bit nervous because... um... I didn't order it! Really! I mean, I had been wanting to order it, or win it on eBay, but I had decided that right now wasn't a good time to spend that money. At first I thought that maybe I did order it late at night in my sleep deprived state, since I pretty much stalk the ones on eBay and I open up my link in Amazon every few days just to make sure it's still there (obsessive? who, me?). But I immediately looked at both sites and there was no order history on either site! I also looked at my credit card statement and there is no history of a purchase there, and I even checked the family credit card to see if I ordered on the wrong card (you know, if I was tired enough to forget I ordered it, I was definitely tired enough to put it on the wrong card!). Nope, not there, either! I called Dave, and he said he didn't order it, either... then I called my mom and she said "Well, you know I would have told you if I had ordered it because I would have wanted the credit!", so it wasn't her! Come to think of it though, Ang didn't answer when I asked if it was her... hmm...

I'm sooo confused! Over the last few months I have told anyone who would listen that I really really wanted this (I even put the link to my wishlist on the bottom of my blog so anyone could have seen it) maybe everyone pooled their money to get me to shut up? Ha ha ha!!! Or maybe someone besides my husband or my parents loves me? Yeah, I'm going with that theory.

So, if you are the sweet, sweet person who bought me item #1 on my wishlist, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And please take credit so that I can thank you properly! (and if you didn't do it but you know who did there's something sweet in it for you if you spill the beans!wink.gif)

(But even if I did order it in my sleep and I do have to pay for it, I'm KEEPING it!!! Hee hee!!!)

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