Friday, March 27, 2009

I Gots Da Skillz, Sort Of...

So I've been working on this photography thing, and I have been having such a great time! I'm pretty much addicted to my camera, and I've been learning so much. Unfortunately, my adorable and photogenic son has no interest in posing for me, so I've been pretty limited as to what kind of shots I can get since I'm constantly chasing after him and pleading with him to look into the camera. As a result, I don't really have the chance to practice studio photography very much. Fortunately though, Ang is very willing to let me borrow her adorable and photogenic son, and he, being an infant and still pretty much limited to the positions in which his mother sets him, is more than willing to pose for me! But really, there isn't really any way to take a bad picture of such an adorable subject, so I don't know how much these photos comment on my skills as a photographer, rather than Ang and Brian's ability to make gorgeous kiddos!

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