Monday, March 2, 2009

It Really Wasn't Me

The author of one of the blogs I read faithfully does this thing called Not Me Monday. It’s a way of admitting things we’d rather not admit to by pretending that it wasn’t us. I've enjoyed reading it, so thought I’d share a little, too. So, welcome to Not Me Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Keep reading to find out what I have not been doing this week

I did NOT take my cell phone out of my back pocket and set it in the grass in order to get a better camera angle while doing an engagement shoot for DD and Chris yesterday, and I was NOT to distracted by trying to think of creative shots with not-to-distracting backgrounds to remember to put it back into my pocket when I was done.

And since I didn’t do those things, I most certainly did NOT not realize my cell phone was missing until the officer from the Redondo Beach Police Department called every number in my phone labeled “My Husband” “mom” or “dad” until he finally got a hold of me at my parent’s house.

And when I answered the phone and heard a cell phone was lost, I certainly did NOT have any thoughts of “Oh no, that couldn’t be me, I NEVER lose MY stuff! It must have been my brother or sister!” and of course it did NOT neglect to occur to me that I was just in Redondo Beach, at that very spot, earlier that morning until I passed the call off to my dad.

And when I went to pick up my phone only to find that the officer who had it was out patrolling the area, I absolutely most certainly did NOT dial 911 from the pay phone to get a hold of dispatch, since it was free, rather than take another 15 minutes to walk back to my car in the blazing sun to get change to call the non-emergency dispatch number.

On another topic of things that did not happen this week, I certainly did NOT let my son sit on the couch while I went into the other room, despite knowing full well he was in a wiggly-non-careful mood and I had, only 15 minutes earlier, rescued him from falling off the couch and landing on his head by grabbing his leg at the last second. I did NOT think to myself that I should go tell him to get off the couch only seconds before hearing him cry out “Oh NO!” and then hearing the thud of him falling off the couch and yes, onto his head.

I did NOT continue to video my son when he got himself trapped by trying to take off his jacket rather than go and help him get his arms unstuck. I most certainly came to my son’s rescue immediately and did NOT continue filming because it was just so cute. And he certainly did NOT fall flat on his face with his arms trapped behind him because his mother forgot what a klutz he was and continued filming even though it should have been obvious to her that he was headed for disaster.

And he did NOT do the exact same thing again, sans video camera, only 15 minutes later.

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