Thursday, February 26, 2009

Left Foot Left Foot Left Foot, Right! Feet In The Morning, Feet At Night!

Conversation with Jack Jack today...

Me: Come on Jack, let's put your shoes on!
Jack: Time to go bye-bye?
Me: Yes, we're going to go to the pier for lunch! Daddy needs to buy fish.
Jack: Time to go bye-bye! Shoes? Where are you, shoes? There they are!
Me: Yes, I have your shoes right here! Now sit in your chair so that I can put your shoes on!
Jack: (as he goes to sit in his chair) Hi, chair! Sit on bottom, don't stand on it!
Me: That's right, we don't stand on chairs. Now give me your left foot.
Jack: (giving me his right foot) That my right foot!
Me: Yes, Jack, that is your right foot, but I want your left foot.
Jack: That my right foot! I so smart!
Me: (laughing) Yes, that is your right foot, you are so smart! But I have your left shoe, and I need your left foot!
Jack: Smart like momma! Where my right shoe?
Me: (giving up on getting him focused on his left foot, which I know he knows) Okay, we'll put your right shoe on first. (grabbing his right shoe) Here is your right shoe!
Jack: That my right shoe! Good job!

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