Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Call Me Martha!

Last year around this time I was stressing out because I had decided that I needed to make Jack's birthday cake. Not only had I decided that I needed to make Jack's cake, but I had decided that I needed to make a COOL cake for him, in the shape of a train. Furthermore, I had decided that I needed to do this for him every year, so that he could always look forward to the COOL cake that his mommy would make him each year! Why was this stressful? Well, I had never made a cake before. Seriously. Never. I mean, I had made cupcakes, lots of gingerbread houses, a million sugar cookies (ooooh a sugar cookie sounds really good right now!), and I was the Brownie Baking Queen! But cakes? Yeah, notsomuch. But really, how hard could they be, right? Turns out, very. I butchered attempt after attempt, and it was only due to my friend Rachel's very generous (and very necessary!) help that I managed to learn how to properly ice a cake enough to make Jack's cakes that year!

My cousin, Laura, and I had been talking about taking a cake decorating class at Joann's for years. We both were so busy, though, that we never got around to actually signing up for a class. After realizing how much I had to learn, though, I immediately called her up and signed us up for the next available Wilton Course 1 class at Joann's! We had a great time and learned a lot in that class! So much, that we decided to sign up for Course 2, as well! With our busy schedules it was nearly a year until we could take the next class. So tonight, a year after I first baked a cake, Laura and I made our Finale Cakes for the Wilton Course 2! Hooray!!! Check out this cake! I mean, I still have so much to learn (we are definitely signing up for course 3), but can you believe that a year ago I didn't even know what a coupler was??? Can you believe I MADE this?!?!

My cake

And here is Laura's cake!

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