Monday, March 9, 2009

Hawaii, Baby! Yeah!!!

Greetings, or, should I say, Aloha from Hawaii!!! That's right, the Reeves family has finally made it to Hawaii! Dave worked his last probationary shift on Thursday, and to celebrate making it through this rough year, we decided to finally take the trip we've been talking about ever since we got married. And since we couldn't even think of leaving Jack Jack at home and were definitely not comfortable leaving him with a strange babysitter when we wanted to do an activity that he couldn't join in on, we decided to bring my mom along as our grand-nanny! Best idea, ever!!! Jack adores his grandma and "where's grandma?" is probably the phrase heard most often from his lips (though Dave assures me that "where's momma?" is right up there, too!)

So, our trip so far... Jack was sooooo good on the plane! I had an arsenal of new toys to occupy him on the plane ride. I even took them out of their packaging and wrapped each item individually so that he could enjoy all of his presents (he loves opening presents!). I totally went overboard with that but was still worried that I hadn't brought enough! Turns out I only used 3 of them on the way out here! My mom had a few for him too and he did great playing with her on the plane. His face was plastered to the window from the moment we got on the plane until about an hour later. The kid sure loves his airplanes! He has been talking about airplanes nonstop since we first got to the airport! Aiplanes and rain, of course.

Yes, our trip has been very rainy so far. The plane landed in the rain, we drove from Honolulu to our resort at Turtle Bay on the North Shore in the rain, and yesterday we had a great time hiking in the rain! Dave insisted that this morning the weather guy said that it was supposed to be sunny until this evening, when it was supposed to rain again, but we woke up to a monsoon! It is awesome, though. Yesterday we threw Jack in the backpack and set out to hike Diamondhead (I was very proud of Dave for carrying that extra 40 lbs on his back, and many of the people who passed us commented on it, as well! Dave shrugged it all off, though. Apparently it was cake compared to the training he does with this firefighter gear!). As it turns out, the southernmost tip of the island, where Diamondhead is, has only been getting light sprinkles on and off. So, it was bright and sunny when we hiked up Diamondhead! Amazingly gorgeous view! Then we met my cousin, Kevin, who lives on the island, for lunch, and afterwards we hiked to Manoa Falls. I was so amazed at the vast difference between those two hikes! Diamondhead was super congested with people, and the landscape was dry and open and the trees were scarce near the trail so the sun was shining on us the whole time. At Manoa Falls, however, it was like a jungle- there weren't a lot of people, the trees were amazing and the brush was thick. The trail was so wet and muddy and slick! We knew it was sprinkling the whole way up, but the trees shielded us pretty well and we were able to concentrate on our footing. As soon as we got to the falls, however, that changed! It started raining a little bit harder (okay, it was a lot harder, but the trees were still shielding us pretty well), and then, when we were about halfway down, it got really loud and started pouring down rain!!! The trees couldn't do much to shield us anymore! Jack laughed so hard the entire way down, though. He loved it! Every time Dave slipped, catching himself before they both fell, Jack would crack up! Then when it started pouring down rain he started laughing even harder! Dave grabbed a huge leaf to use as a rain shield for Jack, and that made Jack laugh even harder! He kept yelling "It's raining! Aaaaahhhhh!!! I get wet!" and laughing so hard! We were loving having the complete jungle experience!

Our plans for today were to go to the Pineapple factory, go snorkling, and then go to a luau! We're still planning on going to the Pineapple factory even in this weather, but we'll see the luau works out. I'd still do it in the rain, but I don't know if they'll cancel it or not. Maybe tomorrow.

By the way, Jack is sleeping really well in the hotel room. He's been going to bed really late, but he LOVES sharing the bed with grandma. He didn't take a nap yesterday, but since he really doesn't nap anywhere other than his crib I didn't expect him to. He has been sooooooo good so far! I'm so proud of him!

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