Monday, January 11, 2010

Coolest. Dad. Ever.

If you ask Jack where his daddy works, his face lights up and he exclaims "Daddy works on a firetruck!!!" I'm not sure he quite grasps the 'hero' aspect of Dave's job, but he is so proud of the fact that his daddy gets to work with these cool trucks up close every day! And the best part of having a firefighter for a daddy? He gets to live out every little boy's dream and 'drive' a firetruck!

Can you tell how excited he is?

"I need to wear the headphones! I'll be the engineer!"

Every time we get to go visit "Daddy's Firehouse" Jack is in complete awe. As soon as I pull into the parking lot he shouts "We're here!!! Daddy, where are you?! Let's go drive daddy's firetruck!" The station that Dave has been at for the last year is on the other end of the very long city, so we haven't been able to make many trips out there lately. However, this year two of the guys at Dave's station were retiring and all the families were heading out there for dinner to celebrate! I was excited to be able to meet the guys that Dave talks about that I hadn't yet met, and Jack was excited to get to see daddy and "drive" the firetruck!

As much as he loved "driving" the firetruck, I think he liked sitting in his daddy's seat even more! Dave showed him how the lights work and where they keep their gear, and he even got to play with what was probably the Coolest Flashlight Ever... he loves flashlights!

"I'm sit where my daddy sits!"

He was also very impressed with the big wheels and the fact that he could see himself in the hubcaps! He spent a lot of time looking at those.

I think that it's safe to say that Jack has the Coolest Dad Ever!

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