Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Todd And Linda

On May 7th, my cousin Todd got married! I was so excited for him, and I am thrilled to have a new cousin in his new wife, Linda! Unfortunately, Dave had to work (so what else is new, right?), and I had to go without him. Also unfortunately, because of the boys I wasn't able to stay very late at the wedding.

We drove out to the hotel that my parents were staying at, and I dropped Jack off with my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Larry. We are so lucky that they were willing to help us out, again! This is the third time that they have come to a hotel to watch Jack while I attended a wedding, and I am so grateful and blessed to have them! Jack had a blast, too!

Since we were all fancy and were at a beautiful location, I took advantage of that and made my sister and brother-in-law pose for a nice photo. My sister is taller than her husband, and so she bent her knees slightly... something that doesn't work in a full-length shot and, as she pointed out, she looked like an amputee! So I cropped the photo closer ;)

I also had my parents pose for a photo

And my mom wouldn't let me get away with not having a shot of myself, and since Dave was working she took one of me and my baby brother!

Linda was an absolutely beautiful bride, and the ceremony was beautiful, as well!

The happy couple!

Danielle (Todd's sister) and Chris, also newlyweds

Sarah, Todd's youngest sister

My aunt Linnette, mother of the groom

My cousin Emmaleigh and her Nana, my auntie Sandra

First Dance

Kenny, Todd's younger brother and best man

This is aunt Linnette's reaction to hearing that she was supposed to give a speech at that moment!

She did a great job, though!

Receiving their toasts

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  1. Beautiful pictures as always :) I had to giggle at your sisters comment about looking like an amputee! The cropped picture of them is great :) Your parents are ADORABLE! Love that your Mom made you get a picture of yourself! We definitely don't see enough pictures of you! :)