Monday, May 24, 2010

In Loving Memory

We were very pleased to have such a beautiful day for our service in honor of grandma Reeves. How appropriate to have such wonderful weather on the day that we said goodbye to such a wonderful woman! We had a very intimate graveside gathering, and Dave did a wonderful job giving the eulogy. Jack was on his best behavior and was very quiet and still throughout the service. He whispered a little too loudly one time, but the words he had said were "I love you" and so I couldn't admonish him for it- grandma would have loved the sweetness of that.

Some photos from the day

My mom held Samuel during the service

Dave chose a yellow flower spray because yellow was grandma's favorite color (mine, too!). He really wanted to give her yellow flowers- it meant a lot to him and we were very happy with how beautiful they turned out.

My dad kept Jack entertained after the service

Auntie Fran, Grandma's older sister

Dave, his dad, and his sister, Sarah

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