Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Warming Up!

At least, at the time that I took these photos I thought it was warming up! We had a week of super hot weather followed by a week of rain, a week of indecisive weather, and now this week is shaping up to be absolutely beautiful... if it weren't for the crazy wind, that is! Our heater has even been kicking on for the last few days because of this crazy cool wind!

But enough about this week's weather...

3 weeks ago, Sam turned 2 months old. We were having nice weather, so I decided to take his 2 month pictures outside!

I know what you're thinking. How did I manage to get photos of Sam all by himself without Jack noticing that Sam was awake and popping in the shot to steal Sam's attention for himself??? Well, Jack was slightly occupied with practicing his stump jumping "skills"

And eventually, he did notice that Sammy was awake, and stump jumping time ended abruptly.

He still adores his baby brother, and his baby brother still adores him...

... even though he occasionally looks worried that his big brother's adoration may squish him.

Don't worry Sam, Jack tells me daily "I love my Sammy Wammy and I don't squish him!"

PS. I know you're curious about what Jack looked like at 2 months...

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