Thursday, May 13, 2010

And Then It FINALLY Rained!

Jack loves the rain jacket that my aunt got him for Christmas! Whenever it looks like it may rain he tells me "I need to wear my fireman jacket like daddy's!" He was even more excited about it when he got matching fireman rain boots from my parents for Valentine's Day! I couldn't wait to take him out in the rain to play... and of course get some pictures! So we waited, and waited and waited for rain. Finally in mid April, it rained at a time that Jack and I were able to go play!

As you can see, We had a blast! Jack loves water and to splash in puddles and it was quite a treat to be able to play in the rain. He and I had a lot of fun chasing each other around the backyard. He kept falling down and cracking up... it wasn't until later that I realized that he had put his boots on the wrong feet!

I love this kid!

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