Monday, May 31, 2010

Preschool's Tag-A-Long

Every now and again, Jack gets invited to visit the preschool to experience one of their "Fun" days. This time, The Aquarium Of The Pacific's mobile touch tank came to the school and they invited Jack to come! First the kids got to watch a slideshow presentation about fish and shapes and had some fun audience participation.

At one point in the presentation, a slide would come up with a shape and the name of the shape underneath it. The kids were supposed to point with their finger and draw an imaginary shape in front of them. All of the kids were great at following directions... except my genius Jack. When each of the shapes came on the screen and all of the rest of the kids were "drawing" the shapes, Jack was spelling them. "C-I-R-C-L-E spells Circle!"

And after the presentation, they got to go on the truck to touch the animals! There was a baby leopard shark and a bunch of sea anemones as well as many starfish and sea cucumbers (there were probably some other things as well but that's all I remember as I was too busy taking pictures).

Jack was very interested in looking at the "sea creatures", but really had absolutely no interest in touching anything until it was time to go. When I told him it was time to go and if he wanted to touch something he needed to do it before we left because we couldn't come back... so he stuck his finger into the tank on the nearest animal and said "Okay, I touched the anemone. Let's go."

I was really surprised that he wasn't very "into" the touch tank because he has always gotten really excited to touch stuff whenever we've gone to the aquarium in the past, but oh well! At least he touched something!

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