Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walkin' And Talkin'

I never really knew what to answer when people would ask me if Sam was walking.  When he was 11 months old he started taking consistent solid steps, but he seemed to think that the game was more the falling down part of it.  He'd take a few steps and then fall, obviously on purpose, and then clap for himself and squeal "Yayayay!"  When he was 12.5 months old, Sam was capable of crossing an entire room by walking, but only if I made him walk... it had to be my idea!  People kept telling me that I could call him a walker at that point, but since he never thought to do it, I labeled him a can-walk-but-won't-walk-er.  A couple weeks later, he was able to cross the room, turn around and come back, and then turn around again and go back again.  But still, only if I made him.  Finally, when we were at Irvine Park, I stood him up at McKenna's stroller and he, not wanting to crawl in the dirt, chose to walk over to his stroller!  I was thrilled that it was finally his idea for a change!  And when we got home that night it was obvious, Sam was a full-fledged walker!!!

Here are a couple movies of Sam as a new, finally official, walker!
Day One

Day Two

And here is a movie I took that same night of Sam... he's doing so great with words and I'm so proud of him! Here are just a few of the things that he says:

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