Friday, May 20, 2011

Knott's Model Trains

On Good Friday, our friends -Savannah, Serena, Sadie and their parents- were all off of school!  They also have Knott's Annual passes, so we met them at the park!  But oh my gosh, we had never seen it so crowded due to Spring Break!  We ended up having a great time despite the crowds.  First, mom, Jack, Sam and I headed to the Log Ride (of course!  It's always our first stop!) as we waited for our friends to arrive. 
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(pic from my mom!)

Then we realized that since it was a busy day they put the real steam train on the tracks instead of the "schoolbus train" (the Flying Goose) that they usually had! 
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Once we got off that ride, we met up with our friends at the special Model Train display that they had brought in because of the holiday week, and we spent a lot of time in there!  
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While Jack, Sadie and Sam were looking at the trains with grandma and Eve, I took the opportunity to hop on the Pony Express with Steve, Serena and Savannah... I had never ridden on it before and I wanted to see what it was like!  The cars on that ride are actually ponies that you sit on and lean forward as though you're riding a horse.  I am so NOT a roller coaster person- I get motion sick and can't handle the jerky movements and the g-force- but that was such a smooth ride and I loved it!  Once we finished that ride we picked up the model-train-watchers and got some lunch, and then headed to lunch!
(thanks mom for these pictures!)
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After lunch we made our way over to Camp Snoopy, where the kids and I got on the kiddie coaster (I Hate that ride!). 
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While Steve and Savannah went to Montezuma's Revenge, the kids got to ride a few more rides there before we all headed to the mine ride.

After that, we ended up back at the model trains before we went home, playing with the wild roosters on the way out. 

It was definitely a fun day, despite not doing very much and dealing with the crowds and lines.  We decided that we need to remember to avoid holidays, unless we're there to go with friends!  That definitely made it worth it!

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  1. I loved looking at those trains with the boys so much. I loved to see Jacks excitement!
    Love, grandma