Friday, May 13, 2011

And More Pirate Parrrrrty!

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After the pinata it was time for the cake!  Jack was thrilled, and he had so much fun blowing out the candles.  He always gets so excited at parties when the candles get blown out and he loves clapping for the blower, at his party, he got to clap for himself!
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And then it was gift time!  Jack was really excited for presents, of course, and as usual he remembered that he was supposed to find the cards first. 
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

He really surprised me by wasting no time in between gifts!  Usually he takes time to study each gift before I have to force him to move on to the next one, but this time he was ready to move on pretty quickly.  Once he had opened the last gift on the table, though, I found out why he was so anxious.  As soon as he was done he turned to me and said "But mom, there was no new bike!"  He looked so sad and dejected, I had to try hard not to laugh!  I told him "Hmmm, well you know what? I think daddy said that he saw another present in the kitchen.  Why don't you wait over there with Uncle Travis and daddy will bring it out to you!"  He liked that idea, but still looked sad that he hadn't gotten a new bike.  I don't think it occured to him that the last present could be a new bike until after he had opened it and stared at it for a second or two!

Sad boy...

Happy boy!

After a quick lesson from daddy (it had been a really long time since he had ridden a bike!), he was off!

He had a little bit of a hard time at first... the wheels were flat, he didn't have any shoes on so the pedals hurt his feet, and he definitely wasn't used to the pedal-brake system yet.  Luckily, I happened to have a bike pump in my car, so we put the kid to work and let him try again!

Baby is awake so I'm out of time.  I have one more post before I'm done with blogging Jack's party... I want to post some pictures of Jack's guests! 

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